“ What is one thing that can make you really jealous with your friends?”

I was asked in one of scholarship interview (which I failed) with this question and my answer was: “You know, I am the youngest one in my family and I don’t have any brother. I think it’s a little bit funny but Seriously, I really want to have brother since I was in kindegarten. I have two sisters and they are much older than me. I was threated like a kid and I think it’s still the same right now. When I was in Junior High School, I saw my friends shared their stuffs with their brothers. I can’t do it you know, my dad’s waist is 38” and I am 28”. My dad shirt size is XL while mine is S. I don’t used to wear my dad shoes because his feet size are 40 and I use 41. I can not talk about hot girls with my sisters because it feels awkward but my friends always talk about girls with their brother. For sure, this silly thing can make me jealous.”

Honestly, I was raised with my two sisters by my parents differently. They pay much more attention for me and I don’t know why. My mother said that She was miscarriage twice and the first baby should be male. I was always wondering what will happen to me if he was borned? Huft. I and my sisters could be categorized as great students when we were in elementary school. I got first rank six times when I was in elementary school. Probabily, my second sister is the greatest one. She got the second rank once and the rest was the first…….

I still remember that I often got fight with my sisters. My father allowed us to play Playstation just in weekend. We often fight to decide who should play it first (lol). Once, my sister said that fighting with me is such an entertaining thing -_- And I still remember TV remote was one of the biggest reason that can make we fight.

Seriously, I don’t know why but I really love both of my sisters. They never let me behind. I grew as a spoiled guy and you can predict it since I was the last child and the only male. My parents are super protectice to me (Now, I know the reasons why). My sisters give the best thing that they can do to support me in so many ways. I was circumsized when I was in the third year of elementary school. Two days after that, I pooped and my parents were not at home. I was with my tho little sisters and (sorry) I could not washed my own a******. Without any doubt, my first sister did it. Lord, I was so shy at that time but I was (and still) really proud of my sister at that time. I remembered that I said to her: “You know, you will be a great pediatrician one day” (Her dream was being doctor but she was accepted in dentistry) She often picked me from school (it was just a half miles away from my home lol). I remembered that she often treat me an ice cream and “siomay”. Oh, she often helped me to rewrite my subject notes because my wiriting is awful. Trust me she is really a true loving sister.

In another way, my second sister was a tomboy girl. She played guitar like a guy, had a very short hair and played chess and basketball. In Junior High, she won a lot of trophy for mathematics, science, speech and chess competition. Maybe, she had about 20 trophies! You will not believe that she had some rivals because of those competitions. She had and “endless” (and it stopped since Senior High) rivals that call her “monster” because of her look and skill for answering mathematic question quickly. Oh yes, she didn’t dress like a popular teenager when she was in Junior and Senior High. One thing that I remember from her is If i asked her to taught me about my school subjects, she never rejected it. I was not really good in sports. She taught me to throw basketball and swim. She taught me how to playing Harvest Moon, The Sims and Digimon games. She was very creative also. She ever made a gladiator costume for me in just one night! Her drawing is very nice while my drawing is still the same with my drawing in kindegarten. I really remember that I forgot to take back her important documents for her college admission from my school and I was pretty disappointed. Fortunately, we took the documents back in my headmaster room in the Sunday (D-1 of the deadline). Guess what, she was accepted to Nanyang Technological University but then she decided to study medicine in University of Sriwijaya.

When my first little sister gor married, I was crying. I don’t know why but when her husband finished the ’ijab qobul’ there was movie payed in my mind. I remembered all of the kindness of my first sister, God! I remembered the circumstances poopy, going to school with her, everything. Huh, I was really shy at that time. In my mind, I would lost her for all time. Yes, her husband is a very kindhearted man but I don’t know It was just felt like that. Luckily, she still lived in my family house because she had to finish her study. Guess what, she never stopped pick me for courses. Trust me, I am a really really really bad driver. I have my own license but my driving skill is sucks! I realized that it would be very hard if she’s pregnant and have to pick me to courses at the nigth, I moved to another course.

I seldom met my second sister since she had to be a “dokter coass”. She was very busy and rarely come home. If she was at home then she was sleeping. I decided to be an engineer not doctor because of this lol. One thing that never change, she never reject for teaching me about school subjects. And the rest, ehem maybe not. She learned fashion from the magazine that I bought. She learned how to put makeup and learned how to walk in heels lol.

It was really sad because I have to continue my study in Bandung Institute of Technology. It’s thousand miles away from Palembang. I mean I was and still happy for being student there but I have to separate with my family. Gosh, I was struggling in the early days of my college life. I could not do housekeeping job at all! I never made my own bed, changed my bedsheet, swept the floor and mop it, washed glasses and plates. I still remember I phoned my Mom in the first day just to ask how to change my bedsheet. And it was surprising that my mom was often crying because I leave our house.

In my college life, I realize that growing with my sisters make me have another ways to treat girls. I am a temperament guy, seriously. But, I never let a girl go home alone in the night and some of my boyfriends ever. Sometimes, I know how to give opinion for a girl (but I have yelled to a girl too and I’m sorry for doing it), how to make girls comfortable when they are talking to me and I know how to make jokes with girls based on their talk, look and mood. For me, everywoman is very special. I am the worst cook in the world and my girl friends often save me from disaster when I am trying to cook. I appreciate the art of woman being (am I a feminist?) and I strongly believe that yes a man can’t stand alone. A big man needs a woman. I was a little bit sad when I knew that my first sister child would be a girl because I think a baby boy would be much funnier. But, I think that maybe it’s better if the population of human in the world is dominated by woman (for some reasons). My first sister is a mommy now and I am firmly sure that she will be a great mother of her child. Oh yes, I can not imagine what happened if God asked man to give birth! I will never married. -_-

It is April, 21st 2015 10.27 PM (GMT +7). I would like to say Happy Empowering Woman’s Day for my two sisters although it is late. (I just congratulated my mom) I’m so sorry for this lateness. Thank you for shaping my mind about woman. Thank you for all of your helps. Thank you for values that you have taught. Thank you for everything that you have done. I never repent that I was borned without having biological brother because I have two beautiful angels. You girls will be awesome women, great lady, wonderful mothers and best wives.

Sincerely your spoiled little brother