1. Share. The best thing to do, and what happens here at Promega, is to sneak the candy off to work with you. We can hardly wait for the Monday after Halloween!

2. Charity. ”Donate” the candy to poor children, the ones in Biafra, or what ever country you choose to make up. The candy can be saved and put into a box to ship to those kids. You can offer to mail the box on your way to work or grocery shopping. The box conveniently disappears. This may not work with older kids, who report it to their friends’ parents, who then announce that the country in question does not exist. (Hmmm, may be shipping to troops overseas would work. Seriously.)

3. Timing. If I recall correctly, one of the times we were allowed to dip into the candy bag was after dinner, schoolwork and a bath, that is, close to bed time. Though it may seem counter intuitive, having a big helping of sugar can make one sleepy. But don’t forget to brush those teeth

4. Bargains. Choices are a parent’s friend, so provide an alternative to the candy, preferably one that can’t be denied. My mom used to keep a stash of new books, crayons and toys that she only dragged out when a particularly strong incentive was needed. Can you distract your child from the candy dish with a new page of Tinkerbell stickers?

5. Distraction. What’s worse, a kid on sugar, or a kid glued to the TV? Perhaps TV or DVD is the lesser of two evils. Which brings to mind #4.

6. Start healthy. Eat a piece of fruit, say, half of an apple, before every X pieces of candy.

7. Burn still more energy. Make use of the basement stairs. For every X pieces of candy, 3 trips up and down the stairs.

8. Burn more energy. Go for a run or walk or outside to play. For every X pieces of candy, a walk or bike ride around the block.

9. Parental help (good for the child, not so good for the parent). In my childhood, though it was not apparent at the time, Dad was helping by eating some of the candy. Many Promega parents engage in this practice with their children now.

10. Set a daily limit. (An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.) Allow X number of pieces of candy per day, then put the bag away, under lock and key.