Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

In this chance I would like to present my presentation. And the topic is about Unsung Heroes.
Friends, do you know what picture is it?? Do you know?? This is the picture of Adipura’s trophy. This trophy will be given from the ministry of Environment to the cleanest city in Indonesia. As we know, our beloved city, Palembang, has won this trophy twice. But, as a citizen of Palembang, what contibutions that you have given to keep Palembang clean?? Have you thrown your rubbish on the garbage? Have you separated your rubbish into organic rubbish or anorganic rubbish?? So, it means that you have given contributions to keep our city clean, alhough it’s only a small thing.
But, there are some people who have a big contribution to keep our city clean. They are some people who has gotten up in the morning while you are still sleeping to sweep the road. Sadly, they are heroes but still forgotten or like what we call Unsung Heroes. Do you know who are they?? They are street sweeper… As we know, their main job is sweeping the road. They start working at a half past five in the morning. They are divided by into some groups.
So, can you imagine if there are not street sweeper in our city?? Our city will become a dirty city. Our city will not win Adipura’s trophy. Who will sweep the leaves on the road? Will the drivers or bikers take the leaves and throw them on the garbage?? I think this is impossible..
The government has given them fringe benefits, such as give a higher salary, give THR in Idul Fitri and etc. Nowadays, they get about 700 thousand rupiahs for their salary in a month. And every years our government increased their salary.
In summary, we must appreciate street sweeper.. From now, we must help them to keep our city clean. We can start from the smallest things such as throw the rubbish on the garbage, separate our rubbish into organic or anorganic garbage, try to reduce our rubbish. Without them, our city will become a dirty city. Because of them, we can win Adipura’s trophy… Here I bring some street sweeper’s pictures. You can see them…
I think that’s all for my presentation. If you don’t understand in some parts, you can ask me..